ZIBO weed wipers

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Groundkeeper control in crops is a labour-intensive job. ZIBO weed wipers provide a quick and easy solution to this problem. Thoroughly tested: a simple machine, with surprisingly good results! Control your weeds efficiently and easily! The ZIBO weed wiper consists of an idle roller wrapped in special sheeting. The working height can be set with the support wheels. Depending on the amount of weeds, working speeds of 3 – 8 km/h can be achieved.

Code            Description
ON01001     3 metre version with idle roller and 2 support wheels
ON01002     6 metre version with idle roller, mech. foldable, with 3 support wheels
ZO ZIBO     weed wiper roller (separate roller)
ZOR ZIBO  weed wiper roller, exchangeable system


The ZIBO weed wiper consists of an idle pipe, wrapped in special sheeting. A rotating roller achieves greater capacity and avoids dripping points. This means the rotating weed wiper can also be used on grown crops.

The version with an operating width of 3 metre has 1 rotating boom. The version with an operating width of 6 metre has 3 rotating 2-metre long booms and is foldable. A rotating roller achieves greater capacity and the wiping is therefore not row-dependent. The amount of moisture for each roller can be regulated from the cabin. A standard feature of the rotating weed wiper is the hydraulic levelling facility that keeps the roller horizontal.

Code           Description
ON02001   3 metre version, with hydraulically rotating roller (3 metre)
ON02002   6 metre version, with mech. rotating rollers (3 x 2 metre)
ON0701     6 metre version, with hydr. rotating rollers (3 x 2 metre)

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